City of York Logo

York Logo Green


The City of York announced the unveiling of a new logo and rebranding effort on Thursday, August 12th in downtown York. This new logo and branding effort is part of a larger city-wide initiative by leaders to attract and retain businesses and visitors alike.

“We have worked with Visit York County for nearly a year to better understand and develop a marketing strategy for the City,” said Mayor Mike Fuesser. “With their help, we have updated our logo, color scheme, and messaging all in an effort to draw more visitors and businesses to York, and further enhance community pride.”

The City recently adopted a new City Vision which states that York is a historic city with charming neighborhoods, caring residents, abundant opportunities, and an innovative and inclusive economy. York’s new brand encompasses timelessness

and tradition while appealing to the modern curious visitor and innovative residents of the bustling new neighborhoods.

City of York primary logo

The City’s branding effort will consist of a new primary logo and primary emblem. “We are the ‘White Rose City’  and we wanted to make sure that element stood proudly and boldly in a new mark,” said Seth Duncan, York’s City Manager.

Residents and visitors will not have to wait long until they see the new logo and branding effort around town. As part of this year’s downtown beautification efforts, the City will be installing wayfinding signs, new street banners, and more displaying the new logo.

To download the City of York's New City emblem and the City's primary logo.